What Is LiveFitStream?

LiveFitStream is a tool designed to connect yoga teachers and students online for live classes. We have created a schedule to allow teachers to easily promote their live classes to students across the world.

If you are a student looking for live classes check out the schedule here

Adding Your Own Classes

We created LiveFitStream primarily for teachers! We want to enable yoga teachers to reach as many students as possible, as easily as possible. With a simple interface that allows you to enter all the information about your LIVE classes and yourself as a teacher, we'll add you to a growing list of global classes.

For a detailed look at how to add your own classes click here. Otherwise, if you want to jump right in go right to adding your first class.

Sharing The Schedule On Your Site

Because we want LiveFitStream to be as useful as possible to the teachers that use it, we have made it easy to add the schedule to your own website! To learn how to add the schedule of all classes or just your own classes, click here