Sign Up

LiveFitStream removes the hassle of having to remember a username and password by letting you sign up using either a Facebook or Google account. To sign up click here.


Add Your First Class

After you sign up and log in, a page will be displayed for you to enter all of the details for one of your LIVE classes:


Registration Options

LiveFitStream supports two registration methods for teachers to choose from. Using our built-in registration platform students can register for your classes directly through the LiveFitStream platform, allowing you to seamlessly manage your online classes and see all of the students that have registered.


Customize how much of the process you want LiveFitStream to manage for you. Take away the headache of sending the class URL, reminders, and any other communications to your students for every class.


The other option is to insert a link to your own website/class registration. We will display the link to students when they select your class so that they can go to your platform to register. You will have to handle all of the logistics this way.


Once you have completed filling out the class information and hit submit, you will be able to see a list of all of your classes. You can edit or delete the class by clicking on the buttons on the right side and add more classes using the Add class to schedule button.


Sharing The Schedule

Now that you've added classes to the LiveFitStream schedule we want to make sure as many students as possible can find your classes. The best way to do that is to go to our page about sharing the schedule to your own site so your students can find all of your live classes.